Our People-Powered Culture

Great Place To Work:

We are passionate about continually evolving our innovative and people powered company culture. We firmly believe that the foundation of a great workplace lies in the culture of trust, transparency, and employee satisfaction. Placing our people’s welfare and growth on top is a priority for us, and the outcome has been phenomenal. It is our honor to have been certified as a Great Place to Work® for 3 consecutive years (2020, 2021, and 2022), with a high Trust Index score. This truly demonstrates how each one of us feels about the company’s working culture.

Reward and Recognition

We believe in applauding exemplary work. Thus, Rewards and Recognition are an integral part of our environment and are designed to acknowledge and award stellar performances and contributions made by employees toward the organizational goals.

Transparent Leadership Connects

We practice a transparent culture where employees are given meaningful insights that build trust with senior leadership. We foster an environment where our people can give honest and direct feedback, knowing that it will be heard and valued. So, we provide multiple engaging platforms to connect with the leadership team and help you collaborate with them on a real-time basis.

Work-life balance

ACS believes in promoting a healthy work-life balance with facilities and work practices that allow people to thrive and grow in their professional and personal lives.

Diversity and Inclusion

ACS embraces an inclusive culture where we provide equal opportunities and create a consistently high-trust workplace experience for everyone, irrespective of their gender, religion, race, and nationality. We prioritize diversity and inclusion in our practices for a safer, happier, and more productive work environment.

One Team, One Goal

One team, one goal is not just a slogan for us, rather it is a deep-rooted philosophy that we live by. Every individual is the strength of our global team and in turn, the team is the strength of the individual. This deeply ingrained culture has empowered us to sail smoothly from one achievement to another.

Synergy and Celebration

Life is a celebration and so is every aspect of work at ACS. Whether it is meeting a tight deadline, individual excellence, team spirit, or a new idea, we celebrate everything. This culture not only keeps the team well-knitted, but also creates synergies that inspire us to set the bar higher in everything we do.