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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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We look for passionate people who love working on the latest technologies.
Join our team to learn & grow.

Employee Care
We help you chart exciting careers in technology with challenging assignments and assist in quick redeployment.

Life-long Learning on-the-job
We believe that learning, relearning and unlearning on the job is key to a fulfilling career path.

Healthcare and Wellbeing
We’ve got your healthcare covered so you can work with peace of mind. Taking care of you is about more than what happens at work.

Innovation Program
Our Innovation program, fosters a technology community for employees across departments and locations.

Work-Life Flexibility
We are mindful of the challenges in bridging your personal and professional commitments. We offer include festival holidays, and flexitime.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion
As the largest minority-owned talent and IT solutions company, diversity is the core of who we are and how-we operate.

At ACS, I have been able to hone my skills in a highly supportive work environment. I truly feel that every individual at ACS is dedicated to making it a better place.

Rajesh Pratap Singh Sr. Engineer - UI Designer

I have completed over four years with ACS, and throughout my journey, I have received nothing but support and trust to take on bigger challenges, learn, and excel. The people and the work culture here enabled me to give my best and be successful.

Swetha Dubey Deputy Manager - Recruitment

I joined ACS five years ago as an associate and today I am a Deputy Manager. This is a testimony to the immense growth opportunity the company offers. We are always inspired to not dwell on what went wrong, instead focus on what to do next, and how to do it better.

Shweta Jha Deputy Manager - India Staffing

Journey at ACS has been an enthralling experience. The organization enabled me to develop in-depth knowledge on trends impacting global business that allowed me to contribute to enhancing user experiences for businesses we serve.

Abhishek Banerjee Business Analyst - Sr. Consultant

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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.